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IP+DNS+Name Changer

DotA's Port Changer

Icon Keeper
Easy way to arange your desktop's icons.

Should Read

Screen-Shot of zz-Utilities
Easy way to manage your Internet Gateway.

VDO Clip, shows how to control game traffic with our zz-Utilities.

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Internet Cafe' & Karaoke
  Contact Person :  Mr.Permpong (Alexa)
  Mobile :  086565-6195 (TRUE)
     086565-5978 (TRUE)

(In case of no response, please send your purpose to me via SMS or Fax.
We will call back ASAP.)


  Fax :  02-7560091 (Auto Receive.)
  MSN :
(This is for MSN only, please don't send email to this address.)
  Email :
(This is for email only.)

Map to our office