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IP+DNS+Name Changer

DotA's Port Changer

Icon Keeper
Easy way to arange your desktop's icons.

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Screen-Shot of zz-Utilities
Easy way to manage your Internet Gateway.

VDO Clip, shows how to control game traffic with our zz-Utilities.

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We provide the best solutions for your Internet Cafe' & KARAOKE Singing Jukebox Business.

  Internet Cafe' Solutions.
  - Internet gateway, and web-caching can help to speed up your internet connection.
  - support all games. For example : you can create and join DotA from
  - Multiwans & traffic control support. You can keep downloading your files while playing online game, on the same PC without lagging.

Moreover, we have the pararell businesses that can run beside your Internet Cafe' business, which are

  Additional Business Solutions.
  - KARAOKE Singing Jukebox
  - PSP2 & PSP3 Game Jukebox

They have lower maintenance cost compare to the Internet Cafe' business.

With our 7 years experience in Internet Cafe' business, and 15 years experience in KARAOKE Jukebox.
We can give you the best solutions and consulting to make profitable business for you.

All-in-one Server KARAOKE Jukebox PSP2 & PSP3 Jukebox