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Easy way to arange your desktop's icons.

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Screen-Shot of zz-Utilities
Easy way to manage your Internet Gateway.

VDO Clip, shows how to control game traffic with our zz-Utilities.

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Internet Gateway (All-in-one Server)
Internet Cafe' Business
          Our Internet Gateway solution will speed up your internet connection, and reduce the problem of insufficient internet bandwidth by using web-caching ability.

          Moreover, our Internet Gateway is support Multi-WANs connection (can connect more than 1 internet-line) and be able to control the traffic of each line (as shown in our network diagram).

  Design and setup Network system
Internet Cafe' Business
          Our solutions is not only the Internet Gateway, but include the Network Design and Consulting to drive your business to be better than your competitors.

Karaoke Jukebox
Karaoke Business
          If your shop has more space, we recommend you to consider the KARAOKE Jukebox business.

          These 2 businesses will support each other, in case of your customers get bored in one thing, then he/she can shift to another.

  PSP2 & PSP3 Jukebox
          Last but not least, PSP2 & PSP3 Jukebox. This kind of business has low cost of maintenance compare to Internet Cafe' business.

          This jukebox is small and easy to move. You can place it anywhere.

          You will get more profit by just providing exchange 10 Baht-coin counter.